Kim – Sugarbuddy

I’m Kim. I was diagnosed at 5 yrs old and starting pumping at 17 yrs old. There wasn’t much support around for my parents when I growing up with diabetes but I helped learn about my condition through horse riding and horse care. I started attending a riding school called Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre in Eastleigh where Kerie the founder is a T1 herself.

That was my treat once a week to spend the day down the yard and learn so much. I was the youngest there in the diabetes crew but everyone helped each other. My twin bro was diagnosed at 13yrs old after we noticed he was not right and on my BM kit he was in the 20’s! I envied how he could eat anything and everything but I wasn’t. Even at his diagnoses he got newer kit than me lol

When I got to 13/14 yrs old I hit a phase where I didn’t want diabetes no more, why me?!? I refused to do BMs and my injections. I used to inject into the couch pillow and then dad noticed it smelled and that’s when they caught me out. I was threatened with hospital admissions to stabilise my bm’s but with the nice care and support off from my family and team I pulled through. I was finally out through at 16 for a pump and by 17 was on my first pump. That totally changed my life through the ease of using it.

I work in a vets and now run a charity called PEDS (Ponies Educating Diabetics and Siblings) down at the yard I grew up learning on along with Kerie, my bro and parents. We use the horses as a way to help diabetic children but we invite siblings too as it affects the whole family. My parents run the parent support group as they have been through everything with us both.

Diabetes: Type 1
Year of Birth: 1987
Year of Diagnosis: 1992