George – Sugarbuddy

Hi, I’m George. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13 and although it was a scary time it was probably worse for my parents then!

When first diagnosed “managing” my diabetes consisted of using a hyperdermic syringe to get the insulin out of the bottle, flicking the air bubbles out and injecting twice a day – the same time, same amount each day. Blood tests of probably two a day (what a bore!!) involved checking the colour change on the side of the test strips after two minutes… Things have certainly moved on!

Since then I’ve been on Mixed insulin, Rapid and Long Acting pens and since last year I’ve been using an insulin pump. Each method have their own benefits and no one option is right for all.
I’ve always said that diabetes does not stop me and that I won’t let it. Sometimes this needs more preparation and time but I still hold this belief 23 years on.

I also use a Freestyle Libre CGM (or Enlight sensors) from time to time as this gives so much more information about control, which can be acted upon. It’s a constant learning experience.

Over the past few years I’ve been much more involved in my own diabetes trying to get better control and understand it far more. For the first ~18 years of having diabetes I don’t think I ever spoke to a diabetic about diabetes or really wanted to know much about it. There is so much to learn and gain from this and I’d like others to have this opportunity too.

I play Basketball for a local team and enjoy running and the odd game of golf.


Diabetes: Type 1
Year of Birth: 1980
Year of Diagnosis: 1993