Angie – Sugarbuddy

My name is Angelina Whitmarsh I was diagnosed with Type 2 in 2005 aged 45. At the time I was a serving Police Officer, mother of two teenagers and running a home. It took a year for my diagnoses to be confirmed as I initially thought the excessive tierdness was just me getting older!

I am the chair of the Diabetes UK Southampton & District support group, and regularly attend events to support and inform people about the symptoms of Diabetes and the importance of early diagnosis and how you can take control and have an active healthy life.

I am currently on insulin and tablets and living life to the full!

This is me getting ready to do a Tandem Skydive. I raised just under £800 for Diabetes UK. I enjoyed the experience and feel proud that I completed it but will not be repeating it, once was enough!

Diabetes: Type 2
Year of Birth: 1959
Year of Diagnosis: 2005